Canvas is a natural thick fabrics with perpendicular thread plaiting. The canvas put correctly on the wooden basement-canvas stretcher is an ideal base for a painting. The very base surface, covered with coating emphasizes its beauty. The quality of our canvases adheres the international standarts. We use the canvases made of 100% natural materials, cotton and fiber, to create the most exact replicas.




Aliminum composite panel–Dibond is a new trend in 3D design and advertising.It is a panel, consisting of two  painted superficial layers and a polyethylene layer in between, the depth of which is up to 6 mm.The works of art, printed on Dibond do not need special framing, its even surface is an ideal base for printing. Due to special technology, the image is covered with varnish, which protects it from discolourment within 5 years guarantee period.

Dibond doesn’t need special lighting,equipment or treatment. It is moisture and heat proof. It withstandstemperatures from -50 to +80 degrees C. 
It is damage-proof, and durable. And your workof art, protected from UV influence, aggressive gazes and high humidity will besafe forever

Technical data: 

The depth of aluminum : 0,3 mm

Weight: 2,90 kg/sq.metre (2 mm); 3,80 kg/sq.m(3 mm)
Core: polyethelene (LDPE 0,92 g/sm3_

Surface: lacquer finish-modified polyester system

Temperature resistance: from -50С up to +80С

UV resistance-very good

Linear thermal expansion: 2,4 mm/m at 100С difference in temperatures

Ultimate stress of a topcoat: 165 Н/mm2

Absorption of water 0,01 %

Fire hazard classificationon DIN 4102: classВ2

Static discharge: anti static treatment is not necessary

Sound reduction factor: 24-26 db



Classic frame of the picture-baguette is still very popular and ideal for painting. Art Atelier 11.11 offers you a new technology and a new trend in design and  hi-tech interior decoration-plastification ofworks of art. It is a new technology, acknowleged in European galleries andamong the collectors of art. The image is put under the acrylic glass  and under the influence of high temperature, the new firm and transparent protective layer isformed. Extra volume and depth of the image are the special visual effects of this technology. The back side is strengthened with another acrylic glass ordibond. Well-finished edges with aluminum profile (20 mm width) applied at  the end of plastification –and the image is ready to use!

Advantages of Plastification:

The terms of storage increase because due to protection from physical coercion,damage. There is no need for framing, extra equipment and lighting. It is damage-proof,and durable. And your work of art, protected from UV influence, aggressive gazes and high humidity will be safe forever.

The materials used for production of plastified picture:acrylic glass-PlexiGlas ( the depth 3 -10 mm),composite panel    Dibond  3 mm, super strong skotch, and aluminum fix- Nielsen.